About me

A picture of me in a blue shirt and with a decent haircut!

OK that’s me – Mark Robinson.   I have been known to frequent technology and education conferences and speak from time to time at them about technology and learning.   I will often be found working with teachers in schools or at research workshops and will be trying to put what I learn there into making new things.

I am an ex primary school teacher, ex executive producer for a very big publisher, ex R&D director for a couple of Ed-tech companies and now a Strategist and Educationalist for the education technology company, Promethean. In an earlier, previous life I was involved in professional theatre, opera and ballet in London at Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House and still have a great love of the arts.

My deep passion and calling for many years though, has been education. I was asked to be a ‘pathfinder’ for technology in schools in the 90’s and through that a new world opened up to me and the students in my classes. I have never stopped looking, the technology jungle is even thicker and even more diverse and the adventure never ends!

www.amblesideprimary.com is my first school website and if you want to see what we got up to back in the days of a 64K connection and a pre-Google Internet, it’s still all posted up there. Sorry if the FLASH games don’t work on your iPads but we did make some in Javascript.

In my spare time I play guitar & bass, walk in the mountains, paddle my Canadian canoe and generally do dad stuff.


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